Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Foundations for Healing of Depression

Some more foundation stones for healing:

1. Realizing that everybody needs a Savior.

Imagine that I am a young lady (a princess, let's say) in a fortress which is being attacked by an enemy horde. They have nearly broken down the gates, and things aren't looking good for me. I need a savior. A knight in shining armor who can whisk me away on a swift horse. That's what I needed to see in my own life. My situation; the depression was far too big, far too grave for me. It was bigger than anyone else who tried to help me. Maybe you've been in that situation. People have tried to help you; the doctors have tried to find the right medications, but nothing is really being set right in your heart. What you need is someone bigger than your situation! That's what Jesus was for me.

2. Moving from Death, into Life.

Depression is often characterized by suicidal thoughts. Let's lay it out in the open here. This is no fun to talk about, but not talking about it can steal a lot of fun from you! When I was depressed, I didn't want to die. I just wanted to feel better. But in my most hopeless times, my most painful times, I was tempted to die.

But did you know that all human beings are actually born dead? We are each born with a dead spirit. Now if that sounds ridiculous and offensive to you, hear me out.

We talked about the bible, and God's story: "In the beginning..." Well as the story goes, God created one man, and one woman in the very beginning. The man's name was Adam, (which means 'man'- he represents all of us) and the woman's name was Eve (because she was the mother of all living). In this story, Adam and Eve are perfect. They belong entirely to God, and they please Him! They live in a beautiful garden, called Eden. They have everything they need there, every beauty, every pleasure is at their disposal. They are instructed by God to take care of the garden, and to protect it. Protect it from whom? There is an enemy. A snake. Adam and Eve have free run of the garden, with only one rule. Don't eat any fruit from the tree called "the knowledge of good and evil". The fruit of that tree is brings death.

A temptation is presented to Adam and Eve, the rulers of this bright new world, to forsake God and follow the serpent. All they need to do is take one little bite of that fruit.

I'm sure you can see this one coming.

All of us since have been born outside of that garden, outside of perfection. We've all bowed our knees to that serpent. Maybe he didn't tell you to eat that fruit, but did he tell you to hate? Did he tell you to lie, to steal, to justify yourself?

I was born into bondage, born into sin. It took no practicing, I was good at it from the start. One stepping stone to my healing was to see that I was dead inside already, and I could only get life by coming to the God of Life.

3. Realizing that I am a spirit.
It sounds weird at first too, but if really I was born dead, and came to God to receive life through His son, then I am now perfect again, like Adam and Eve were in that garden. Let me explain.

That Adam, and that Eve, didn't die the moment they ate that fruit. They lived many more years on earth. Was God lying when He said that eating the "knowing of good and evil" would bring death? No, because it brought spiritual death. That's how I could be alive, yet be dead inside. I AM a spirit, I LIVE IN a body! You are a supernatural creation, just like Adam and Eve were. But when they turned their backs on God by eating the fruit, they chose to know good AND evil: they switched sides: they switched gods. They broke their agreement with God, and came into agreement with the serpent (big mistake). They lost their supernatural nature, they were just flesh now. No different than an animal. The bible says "they saw that they were naked". They had fallen.

God had loved Adam and Eve, He had made them to be His treasure, His family. But having switched sides, they were lost to Him, and all the earth was lost too. Adam and Eve realized immediately that they'd made a terrible mistake, but there was no reversing it. Now, if they had switched teams, obeyed the serpent, and died spiritually, then they had made that serpent their god. They shared the destiny (or destination) of that serpent. We all know the destiny of the serpent, right? Hell. God was not interested in punishing Adam, He was not interested in losing his man! He loved him with a forever love!

Can you imagine if you were a teen and made a horrendous mistake? Maybe you crashed a car, or did your first hit, or lost your virginity... A good parent would want to undo that moment for you. God wanted to undo that moment for Adam, but He couldn't. Spiritual law said, that there is no forgiving a sin, unless blood is shed. Did you watch the Narnia movie? Edmond could not be redeemed without Aslan dying in his place. Same deal. God would have to take Adam's place to buy back his soul from eternal hell. Right there in that garden, God said to the serpent: you may strike his heel, but He will crush your head. He was talking about the Christ. God who would come as a man, and make a way for mankind to be redeemed.

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