Sunday, October 21, 2007

Fighting Depression

The Soldier

A soldier
In a distant land, a strange land
Many sights, many sounds
No rest
No silence
No home
He had a home, long ago and far away
When he was a boy
Everything sharp; crisp; vibrant
At night it haunts him
The colors too bright, the smells too real
So real it is painful
Painful because he will awake
And here it is all sharp
The colors here are marred
The lonely landscape twisted
Perverted into a prison

On every side
Inciting fear
Making demands
More than he can stomach

Has he forgotten
Truly forgotten
Is it really so far away
“Have you forgotten
That in that other place, that real place
There was no fear
You were a king
You slept, and everything was quiet
You ate, and always had enough
Each morning was a joy
Each evening was filled with laughter

You were loved
You were someone’s son
You had a name

But here in this place of death
Here in this truth to awful to name
Have you forgotten
Your sisters
Your mother
That she smiled
That you were home”
He hasn’t forgotten,
It is why he is here
It is the only thing waking him in that trench,
The one thing moves his frame
The only thing giving strength to his mind
Get up
He slips
Get up
Get up
It is why he cannot fail
But remember....
It is why WE fight
It is why we LIVE
It is LOVE
Have you forgotten
Have you forgotten why you are here
To put pressure on the pressure
To drive another enemy force back
To take another territory
You were born into a war
Will you win it
Will you continue to fight
You know why you must not fail
Get up
1 Corinthians 13:8
Love never fails

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