Monday, December 3, 2007

Carrot Juice

Carrot Juice!

I mention it, not because I believe that you will find a dietary answer to your depression, but because it is wise to eat well while you are being healed of depression.

There are numerous supplements, herbs, and alternative foods that a person can take, but really what it comes down to is: if you could only be healed by eating special foods, then you have to live in the andes mountains where the substance is found, or you would have to be rich, and have it flown to you. Now there are plenty of supplements (like goji juice, etc.) which have a good reputation, but items such as goji juice costs $50 per liter in Canada, and they are cooked before they are bottled. That means the enzymes and vitamins are damaged, or killed in the processing.
However, there are probably very healthy, economic, and locally available foods that you could try. These would be a boost to your health. I believe the Lord has provided each people group (globally; geographically) with several "superfoods" which can be of use to us on our journey of healing. God did provide Canadians with access to a great deal of carrots, beets, wheatgrass, and other such, and with an inexpensive investment at London Drugs, you can have yourself some fresh carrot juice.

I bought a Breville juicer, which works quite well for hard items like carrots, and wasn't out of my price range. I bought 50 pounds of carrots at the Real Canadian Wholesale club for $10. That's a lot of fresh, raw, vitamin rich carrot juice, at a very reasonable price!

God wants you healthy. He provided you with healing through His Son, and He is willing to give you wisdom for you to take good care of your body.

Yum, vitamins!


Kia said...

Agreed, i just juiced me Some Fresh Carrots!

Anonymous said...

Groovy carrots. Gods gift to the body for sure.