Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Diet of the Depressed

The bible is spiritual food.
If we look at different faiths, across the span of time, each one has had some type of spiritual food. Wether it was a book, an oral tradition, a dance: each people since Adam has recognized that we are a spirit creation, and we need spirit food.
Why the bible? Why is it not enough to simply nourish the spirit man with spiritual food, and to increase: to grow in enlightenment?
Ahh...... No. Because then the focus is on the man. He could feed himself. He shouldn't need God.
But have you ever seen a baby that didn't need nourishment, much less one that fed itself? Have you ever met a toddler who recognized valuable food, and would choose steamed spinach over an icecream sandwich? I haven't.
Our flesh gets in the way. We may be a spirit creation, but let me assure you, we are not all spiritual. We live in a body. A flesh, blood, animal body. Much of what I've learned in 2007 about life in a flesh body, I've learned from our golden lab. She is 100% flesh.
Now a spirit creation with no life in the spirit is no better off than my lab. A spirit stuck inside a flesh body with no power to control it, is subject to its whims. Remember Frankenstein? A body, with a dead spirit. The body was operating without the permission of a man. Just so, our bodies would function without our permission, if we don't use our living spirits to rise up and take dominion.
When your depression began, did you request it? Did you try to get depressed? Of course not! Your body acted without your permission. Now you are in a pickle. You have tried all sorts of things to get your body back on track, you have exercised it, fed it chemicals, fasted, dieted, taken it to specialists. All to no avail. You are a divine, spirit being, trapped inside a frankenstein. (Or a golden lab, tee hee!)
What is the answer to this dilemma?! Spiritual food.
Why? Because your spirit is starving. Psychologists may talk about your inner child, but really you have an inner spirit. Yes, there is life in there, and it must be fed! If you feed and strengthen your spirit man, he/she will grow to a stature and authority where your body can no longer tell you what to do. You will speak to your body, and your body will obey.
So, the bible is spiritual food. It is what opens your eyes to God's way of seeing things, it is what renews your mind, and takes it from being a mind set on death, to being a mind set on life!!
You know that a depressed mind is a mind set on death! It is only your spirit within you that is crying out "NO! I want to LIVE!"
Maybe you've been reading your bible. I assure you, if you are not seeing results, you had better read more. Whatever you've been doing, it may just not be enough.
The children and I (in our homeschool) have been reading the biography of C.T. Studd. In the first years of the 20th century, he was a missionary to the Congo. At that time, Africa was called "the White Man's Grave". Most missionaries died within the first year; some made it up to five years. On top of this, the area C.T. was entering was entirely populated by cannibals. In the face of circumstances like these, C.T. knew that God's words (His promises) were the difference between life and death for him. He read his bible three hours every morning.
Maybe your are experiencing suicidal thoughts. Maybe God's word is a matter of life and death for you too! So we look at the example of another in a similar situation, and I ask you- could you do more? Could you plant more seed?
The bible is the seed for whatever you want to come to pass in your life. It is not a magic wish list, but a garden supply store. You will still have to do the planting, the cultivating, the weeding, and sometimes the watering, but the word of God is guaranteed to come up. If you go to his word and begin to study what it says about money, it will affect your finances. Just so, if you study what the bible has to say about joy, your opinions about your attitudes will change.
The most integral, and very central thing you need to know from the Word of God (the bible) is that you are to be a living spirit, because of what Jesus has done for you. Your days of death are over, if you are a believer in Jesus.

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