Monday, December 24, 2007

1000 Gifts

It's not always easy to be thankful. Especially in depression. But I've said before, that in depression is when it is most crucially important to give thanks. Because... a human being always retains his/her right to FREE CHOICE. Nothing, no one, can take away your power to choose. I remember reading in one of Dr. Don Colbert's books (I think it was Stress Less) about a Jewish man in a concentration camp. He had suffered inumerable griefs that you and I will most likely never know, and as he sat alone, he faced a choice. I can choose. I can die inside right now, loose all hope, and just live a walking skeleton until I finally drop... or I can choose joy. I can choose what I will feel. I can choose even here, even now, how I will react to this. They cannot control what is on the inside of me.
You can choose.

Lord I thank You for:
31. An afternoon with no wind! Rare enough for a Southern Alberta winter.

32. A grandmother who lives across the road, and loves to do crafts with my children.
33. Laundry folded and put away 34. Paperwork finished, and sqared away

35. 5 puppies sold, at least I think it was 5!

36. The days are getting longer!
37. Space to have a garden in the spring

38. Children who are bright, healthy, who have a unique makeup and destiny

39. Time to read with Elijah

40. Food to eat
You see, really there are so many things to be unthankful for, that it takes an effort to have a thankful heart: you will have to go against the grain to give thanks, to rejoice. You may find it very difficult, and stiff, and fake at first; but it will help if you voice your thanks outloud. Do it even when you don't want to, and especially when you don't feel thankful!! Even if it's when you are alone in bed at night, or in the shower in the morning: set aside a time every day to thank God for the gifts He has placed in your life.

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