Monday, January 21, 2008

Thank God, It's Monday!

First, Ann Voskamp has a great post on JOY, and you know I am all about joy! : )

Father, today I thank You for:
51. A new Monday morning- a fresh beginning!
52. A to do list, and the knowledge that I can cross things off without even doing them.
53. The peace that comes with order.
54. A clean bathroom. Sometimes something very simple can bring pleasure, and satisfaction to a day which seems otherwise out of our control.
If you are feeling discouraged today, try cleaning your kitchen. Pray and sing while you do it.
I know some of you have babies, and feel like cleaning your kitchen is an impossibility, and so I cannot recommend enough that you get a back pack for the baby. My youngest would cry almost constantly, unless I held him, so he spent the first two years of his life in the back pack. It was not a sentence for me- really, it was a joy! He was so quiet and delightful back there, that I could do the dishes, go to Costco, and often even forget that he was there! If you have back troubles, there may still be a carrier that could work for you. I found that carrying Jonathan on my front in a "snuggli" just didn't work for me. It gave me a neck ache, and a back ache, but to wear him on my back, in a back pack that kept him quite high up, was no problem. It saved me countless hours of stress. He was safe up there too- I never worried about him, and he loved to watch all the other kids, and to watch me do dishes. Nuff said.
55. Father, I thank You that I can eat. We can't take it for granted.
56. A six year old, who is learning to vacuum!
57. No wind- a sunny January day.
58. My best buddy- Jed.
There's so much more I would say today, but we are back at homeschooling- I'll post again tomorrow maybe.

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