Thursday, January 3, 2008

Greens are Brain Food

I wanted to post a follow up today to yesterday's post, but since I want to spend some time on it, and thought I'd post something brief today in the interim.
There are many other health issues are linked to depression (like hypoglycemia, irritable bowel syndrome, addictions etc., just to name a few). So I wanted to point out that as we deal with the contents of our hearts (our emotional, spiritual issues), it sure makes things easier if we are taking good care of our bodies, and don't have all these things hindering us.

One thing I've really enjoyed over the last year is eating more greens. Greens are food for your brain! Your brain has probably been undernourished for years, and you just never thought about it- but if you've only been eating the standard American diet, of white flour, fatty meats, processed milk, and deep fried items, then really your brain needs better nourishment!!
Greens (eaten daily, in significant qualities) will begin to squelch cravings for foods that are bad for you: the cravings are just a cry for nutrients that your undernourished body (and brain) is sending out. Try eating one raw meal per day, for several weeks, and see the difference in how you feel.
For breakfast I often have a smoothie containing:
-baby spinach (or other very green fresh lettuce),
-frozen banana,
-frozen berries (saskatoon, blueberries, or strawberries- because berries are good for your brain, and your blood sugar),
-maybe some raw juice, some rice milk, or just water (2 cups or less- enough to make it blend nicely).
I often add a teaspoon of raw flax oil (as this helps it last longer in your stomach, and good fats in small quantities are good for your brain), and sometimes a teaspoon of chickpea protein powder.
You can add anything really, but make sure it contains something green, and is primarily RAW. If the taste is hard to get used to, add some stevia drops, but no sugar!!!! Sugar is NOT a brain food, but instead it is taxing to your brain, as it finds the constant ups and downs difficult to deal with.
If you find the taste to be strange, make sure you are using baby spinach, as it has a milder flavour, and a softer texture.
If this isn't a big enough breakfast for you, make twice as much, and store the second half in a thermos, so it is still cool and thick later in the morning when you need it.
I often send lettuce or spinach through my Breville juicer- I just crunch it up in a ball, and send it through after an apple or two.

So do your brain a favour, and start eating some raw greens. You will really notice a difference in your mornings. : )

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