Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Stay Home

Stay Home.
Why stay home? Because:

Home is where the heart is.

It is a mother that shapes the destiny of a child. Yes, the father has authority to do it too, but not in the same way that a mother does. No matter how devoted a dad, often Daddy has to go to work. He can't hold the baby against his breast, and infuse that child's spirit with destiny the way a praying mother can. Fathers lead children, they spearhead. Mothers intercede. Stay home- home is where your prayers ought to be.
Stay home. This is where children grow best. Too many children are institutionalized and spend their days in the stress of conflict, constant new circumstances and stumuli, and at a very young age begin exibiting the symptoms of stress disorders. You, Mommy, have the power to deliver your children. Stay home, and tuck them into bed at night. The same time every day, the same place every night.

Stay home. Home is where the marriage bed is. You are one flesh with your husband. Can you really fulfill that, truly be a suitable helper to him if your heart is drawn to goals that are separate from his? If you are serving an employer, a man who is not your husband, and being help meet to numerous people, but your husband comes home to arguing children who've been playing playstation alone all afternoon, a stove that is cold, a table that is empty, a lover who has a headache? Stay home.
Stay home because home is the center of healing. Jesus entered peoples' homes, and He taught them. He taught his disciples to choose one household and base their ministry from there- he taught Martha to sit at His feet and LISTEN to what He had to say. If you are ever to read your bible, to pray, to really get honest with God, it will be at home. Maybe you've been to church services where the Presence of God was so strong that you felt nearly swept into heaven. I have too. But wether you have, or you haven't: when you are alone and there is just you and God, can you be transparent enough with Him; real enough with Him to know that: alone, right here, right now, He is present. He will honor your prayers. Even if you can't see Him, He Himself is enough. At home alone, is where battles are won in a way that they aren't in a corporate setting. Don't stop going to church, but don't forget that God comes home with you! He wants to fill your life, your family, your children, your heart... How can He do that if you won't stop, sit still, stay home?
Stay home because Post Partum Depression is not God's plan. You don't need to go to the grocery store or the shopping mall every week. Some things will just have to wait. You don't need to go out and leave the baby, you need to stay home and create a peaceful environment for him. A baby is sensitive to his mother's anxiety levels, and you are sensitive to his. Your home must be a peaceful haven of rest where he can feel secure. He will cry less, and you will enjoy him more. Don't sacrifice this time of bonding with him because you can't cope with how things are- ask the Lord for help, He will come running to your rescue.

Stay home, because your husband cannot be on his own the person that he will if you are his helper. Help him with the paperwork, or anything else he's like to delegate. Don't run the show, but put something in the crockpot for him. Rub his back. Too extreme? Well, wouldn't you want someone to do it for you?

Stay home because you only have a limited number of years with your children, and you may waste them otherwise. Stay home because it is the centre of your ministry. It is the place that God in His wisdom has placed you to make a heritage, to serve your husband in his calling, to teach your daughter to be a powerful woman of God- to disciple your young sons one on one. To make a place of peace that others who don't know Jesus can come to and find rest- to see what family life can really be.

Stay home- stop going to soccer, and piano lessons, and swimming, church camp, and youth group. Do you know your children? Do you know who they know? Stay home because the devil and the world want to distract you, and to steal your children. Don't believe that? Then why are the activist groups that are against spanking also homosexual activist groups? Why else would the United States of America have an organization like NAMBLA- North American Man/Boy Love Association. It disgusts me even to have written it down. Satan knows that an unloved, undisciplined, unsupervised child is easier to get to, but the Father made provision in His word for us to disciple our children, and to see them flourish.

Make your children stay home. It is one thing to stay home and intercede for them, but you will not be able to be their all in all, their one on one, if you don't keep them with you.

Stay home, and go through the discomfort of leaving your old lifestyle. Yes, it may be a big change, but with God there is grace, and it will be worth it. Be relieved. You OUGHT to stay home.

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