Saturday, March 29, 2008

Grateful to be Who I Am

When I feel so unthankful, so selfish, so bitter. What better time to thank You, to tell You I so appreciate what You have done with my life. That you would take someone like this: someone like me- and forgive me, clean up my life, and heal me. I can't say enough about You. You have been so good to me.

71. I am grateful that even though there is pain in my family, that Your mercies are new every morning, and Your faithfulness is GREAT.

72. I have never been treated by You as I deserve. You have always, and only loved me.

73. I am grateful that someday this day will be far behind, and that life can be different than it is right now: as soon as tomorrow morning!

74. I am grateful that the gospel brings hope!

75. I am thankful for the actual physical comfort that comes from reading Your Word.

76. I'm glad that when I've been up in the middle of the night, You've been there.

77. I sure appreciate the Miracle Channel. I am glad to be encouraged, and to be spurred on in the fight.

78. I am humbly grateful for the forgiveness of my children.

79. I am glad that hormones don't run my life, but Lord, I am truly grateful that they can change. I am thankful for the times that I laughed this month, but I am also going to appreciate the times that I cried.

80. I am thankful for friends. Grateful for a family. Lord, it is not always how I would have chosen, but I am trusting that it is as You have chosen. I am thankful today that You have called me salt, and light.

Think of it: when I was desperately hungry last night, what did I want? Salt. I would have given anything to be able to eat something fatty and salty. Jesus says that I am the salt of the earth. Sometimes it's uncomfortable, because it means that I am different. It means that I am the one doing the satisfying, rather than the one being satisfied. But there is pleasure too, in being the salt in someone's life who has so very little life or nourishment.

And Light. He has truly made me the light of the world. This winter was a pretty good one here, but I was still amazed at how different I felt when the days began to lengthen. My whole outlook on life was taken over and transformed by the beauty of looking out my breakfast window at the sunrise. Gone were the days of staggering out of bed in the pitch blackness, gone the dimly lit morning bible readings. Now we live like kings! Now, we have LIGHT. I am that light. The beacon that says to someone else: there is hope. Don't give up yet, it will only get brighter from here on in.

Thank You Father, for making me salt, even when it is uncomfortable, and for making me light, even when it means that I am under scrutiny. I love You my Lord, my SALT, my LIGHT. You are everything to me. You have given me new hope.

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