Friday, March 28, 2008

The Hidden Room of the Heart

For the last 1o years or so I have had a recurring dream about houses! The dream is always different, the house is always different, but it always reflects the condition of my heart. I'll tell you the one I had last night, so you can see what I mean.
I dreamed I was visiting a friend of mine, who I haven't seen for a long time. She was showing me all the redecorating they'd done in their house. They didn't have a big house, or a lot of money, but the appearance of the house was very important to her, and she had done a lot of work! There were fancy new window treatments, new stylish colors of paint in every room, and fancy knockdown designs on the walls! My friend had done most of the work herself, with her mother helping in some places. They had hired someone to do the very fine work.
My friend took me all through the house, and at the end of the tour were three rooms that seemed more significant than the others had. The kitchen had been light, and airy, and beautiful, but now the kids play room wasn't so special somehow. I could understand that she hadn't done much work here, because often kids wreck things in their play. They chip the walls, or stain the carpet. So that the room looked rather old and retro seemed rather normal to me. The next room was her sewing room. I didn't look around much, because it seemed that this wasn't a room which she spent a lot of time in, but nevertheless, she was proud of it. It was her special room, and she enjoyed showing it to people. It was HER room. But after this room, there was one last room. She wasn't going to show it to me, but I saw it, and asked her about it. What was this room? I needed to know. Oh, she remarked, it was the other sewing room. What? Another one? I wanted to see this sewing room- what was it like? This room was not very big, it had no windows, and it looked a bit like a dingy basement storage room. I wondered why my friend hadn't done anything with this room, because I could see such potential in it. She seemed to disregard it, and feel a bit embarrassed about it. She didn't feel it was such an important room. I pondered the dream this morning, and this is my interpretation:
Once again, the house is a heart. Many women take great care to tend to the condition of their lives: the parts people can see. They dress it up, make it welcoming, they primp it, and prune it, and make it look good. This isn't merely a selfish interest: women are nurturers, and they want the people around them to be comfortable.
But few women recognize the hidden room of their heart. Not their mind, not their feelings; but the deeper, secret place that few women ever go. They don't even want to acknowledge that this room exists, but this room is the most important, because this room is where God lives. Have you given God a room in your spirit, in your inner most place? I believe God is saying- don't be afraid of that room. Don't be afraid to go there, and examine what's inside, because He sees boundless potential there! God wants to take over the whole house, certainly, but the back room (the hidden room) of your heart is the secret place. This is the place where God lives.
It would serve the depressed woman well to examine what is in that room. We are each born with that room of our spirit, but the disappointing news is, that the room is under enemy jurisdiction from the moment we are born. We are born already sold, as slaves to sin.
But! God gave each man; each woman on earth the choice to decide if they really want to stay in that enemy camp. God gave each of us the privelage of choosing to give the ownership of our secret place (our command central) to Him.
When I was depressed, my secret room was filled with bitterness, depression, anger, hopelessness, and discouragement. There was stuff in there that I had harboured carefully, and then some that I had come with already. You know how if you purchase a new computer, there will be programs that come already installed, like AOL, or MSN. But when you plug that brand new computer in, there will be updates that you will need. Even a brand new computer needs them. Well, I had some preinstalled hatred, some naturally occurring selfishness. When I came to know Jesus, I had to plug into Him, and change the contents of that room. I was in need of some serious updates!
The first thing I threw out was the unforgiveness. This cleared out a huge section, and gave me some real breathing room. I invited Jesus to come and live in this room, and to clean it up with me. I knew that together we could do it. The prayer counselling I recieved was basically changing the ownership of my heart. I didn't want satan and his demons taking advantage of my command central. I turned the lordship of my life over to Jesus.
The first, and most important thing I did after the prayer/ deliverance session was that each morning, I dedicated the first half hour of my day to changing what was coming into my secret room. I began reading the new testament for 1/2 hour each morning while my toddler watched veggietales. In doing this, I was purposely putting something valuable, something beautiful into the secret room of my heart. I had cleaned out my basement storage room, and was now renovating! I was blasting holes for windows, and putting fresh paint on the walls. Each morning I spent with the Lord was renewing my mind, it was transforming the contents of my heart.

You can do it too.

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