Monday, April 7, 2008

Gluten Free Grains; and Small Steps

I know I've mentioned before that when battling depression (and in recovering) you may need to change your diet. I think diet played a big part in what left me open to depression in the first place! Too many french fry suppers with M'n'Ms for dessert!

Well I've been experimenting with gluten free baking, and have a tip on how to make this a less expensive endeavor. Try the Asian supermarket! I had previously only thought of visiting the health food stores, and bulk foods stores, but even so, any gluten free grains were very expensive! And not always fresh. But the other day I stopped in at the Asian supermarket in search of buckwheat noodles, and made some great finds! They had:

Whole grain cornmeal,

Buckwheat flour,

Brown rice flour,

Potato starch, (which was pricey if I bought the Bob's Red Mill, in the little package)

Cassava flour (Tapioca flour)

Millet flour

Quinoa grains

And a bunch of other stuff that I'd never even heard of!
wasn't looking for chickpea flour (garbanzo bean flour), because I had just picked some up in our grocery store, in the ethnic foods aisle. It was very inexpensive there as well.
At this particular Asian store (a mom and pop store, not a chain) they buy their flours in bulk, and repackage, to pass on the savings. It was a fun find; and I mention it for those who are already on a gluten free diet.
For those of you who have come to this page because you really are seeking help in your depression, I want to remind you that small steps are all that's necessary! You don't need to start doing all your own baking, or sign up with a raw food coach. Just make a small adjustment to your diet, and you can see big changes! For instance, if you've been accustomed to picking up a chocolate bar, or stopping at the donut shop, you could try a Lara bar instead. The raw nuts contain enough good fats to make you feel satisfied, and the dried fruit contains enough natural sugar to give you a pick me up.
Start using whole grain bread instead of white. Switch to green tea, instead of coffee. Substitute raw honey for refined sugar. Don't take it all on at once: you probably know which area you need to work on first. Make small changes in that area, and give your body the break it needs.
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CC said...

great idea to try the Asian grocery. I never get there even though 3/4 of my family is Asian ;) Others have said how much cheaper things are there as well...