Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Healthy Eating Made Easy

Healthy eating can seem like just one more thing on the To Do list, but often all we need to do is make a simple adjustment. Not much more cost or time are necessary.

For example, just start eating your fruits and vegetables raw! This is not as tricky as it seems; you will not need a raw foodist cookbook. All you need to do is:

1. Pick up whatever fresh fruits and veggies you know that your family will eat. Don't get too exotic, and waste money on avocados if nobody likes those. Do get a few things that are used up right away (like bananas) and a few that will last (like apples).

2. At snack time, make a raw fruit available. Leave a bowl of apple wedges on the table, or some banana thirds. Keep a bowl of fruit on the island for bedtime snacks, and when you would normally have used canned pears/ peaches/ pineapple, now use fresh. Some things will cost more, but not outlandishly. Buy in season, and freeze a few things. Strawberries and bananas can be frozen and used in smoothies.

3. At meal times, serve a raw side dish. There are probably vegetables that everybody in your family likes, like carrots, or cucumbers. Serve those! Raw vegetables are so much better for your health than a can of corn or whatever else can be served. When food is eaten raw, all of the enzymes and nutrients are preserved. All of the food's vitamins are in their original, accessible state. With a little creativity, something raw can be included at every meal, and your health, and your family's will benefit.

4. Include raw foods in your traditional dishes, to help your family get accustomed to vegetables, if they are not in the habit of eating them. For example, if serving a stir fry, just leave a few of the vegetables raw (like diced green peppers) and sprinkle them on as a condiment. It's really tasty, and crunchy. Once you get used to it, you'll want raw vegetables in your sandwiches, under your mac and cheese, and inside your tacos! Just keep a few raw vegetables chopped and in the fridge to sprinkle over salads or casseroles.

So eating healthy doesn't need to cramp your style. It just takes a small adjustment, and a little getting used to!
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Edi said...

Seems like kids are more likely to like raw veggies like carrots and cucumbers than something that is cooked.

I have one child that LOVES raw veggies and whether I'm cutting carrots or washing lettuce she will sneak up and grab some. It's great.

The other child told me recently that he loves salad and wants more than I usually give him. Which is great b/c it's real hard to get him to eat fruit/veggies. He will eat them b/c I tell him he has to - but it can take a long time for his to finish a slice of apple. I know if I'm in a hurry to go somewhere after meal time that it's not a good idea to give him raw carrots plus sliced apple!

Kirstin said...

Great tip! My family is on the continual journey of healthier eating. And we too just keep making simple changes.

And how exciting about your healing! Whoo hoo! Go God!!

Be blessed,