Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Learning to Live a New Life, Part 2

As the week has gone by I've sort of mulling over in my mind: just what were the things that helped me to succeed in those months after I received my healing.
Because, you must remember, that even though the Lord completely healed me, supernaturally, I had been a negative, grouchy, selfish, and pessimistic person for a large portion of my life. I was in a habit of thinking those kinds of thoughts! I mentioned in Part 1 of this post, some of the things I did, or learned from during that time, that really helped to set me on the right track, and to leave depression in the dust.
But I remembered something else!
I used to watch Joyce Meyer.
I know when I say that, that it doesn't sound like much. There are plenty of things on TV to be watched. What's so special about watching Joyce Meyer that it would actually make such a difference in my life?
Well, I think there were a few things.
1. Of course, she was teaching on the Word of God. The Word of God changes people. But also, she was preaching the things that I (as an average woman) needed to hear. She was preaching them in a way that I could understand! Joyce Meyer took a book (the bible) that often has been left to the theologians, and she made it real; available; to me.
Of the topics she taught on then, I remember the ones about my mouth the most! It was like my soul (my spirit) was an empty slate, and when I listened to Joyce, I could fill it with something wholesome- something powerful, that I could use to impact my life.
2. I also think that watching Joyce inspired me. Joyce has told her story of abuse in her childhood, and of how God worked in her life to heal her, and to make her a totally new creation. When I watched/ listened to Joyce, I could see myself in her shoes somehow. That my past too, could be redeemed by the Lord, and I too could do His will, and preach His word. Up to that time, I had seen myself as depressed. But watching Joyce Meyer changed the way I saw myself. It gave me hope for what my future could be.
I still watch Joyce. I took a few years off, because Jed and I added three more babies after I was healed of my depression. (We thought we'd never be able to have more children, because my post partum depression after Elijah had been so severe.) Somehow during the daytime hours, there wasn't as much sitting down time as I had had when I only had Elijah! I couldn't seem to make time to watch Joyce during the day, and so I just left it behind. But this year, I have a computer savvy 12 year old (Elijah!), who helped me to download Joyce's daily podcast, and watch it via his ipod, over our TV! Now I can watch Enjoying Everyday Life at any time of day! I love it!
Another thing I did during those days (after the depression) was pray. Whenever life seemed too tough, I would pray. When my stress levels would get too high, and I felt like I would pop, I prayed. Often I would just get down on the carpet, face to the floor, and tell God I needed Him. Tell Him I just couldn't do it without Him. Sometimes I kept my bible in front of me, and read a few snatches. I might spend a minute listening for Him, just being still for a moment, and turning the day over to Him. I strove to hear His voice, to recognize His leading even in small things (like when to go to the grocery store, and such) and the more I listened, the better I got at hearing!
As the number of babies in the house increased (our second and third baby were only 13 months apart), I would sometimes have to retreat to the bathroom for a prayer "time out". But God was always faithful. When I would draw near to Him, He would draw near to me.
I read The Power of a Praying Parent, and the Power of a Praying Wife, by Stormie Omartian. They had prayers written in them that I could read-- it taught me how to pray about certain things. There was also a list of scriptures in each chapter, so for example, if the chapter was about safety and protection for our children, it would have maybe 5 or so scriptures about the Lord's protection of us. This helped my to learn to pray the Word of God.
Now there's a great topic for a post! I hope I get back to that one. : )

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