Thursday, May 22, 2008

Kim and Large Family Logistics

The first blog I started reading was Kim Brenneman's Large Family Logistics. That blog is inactive now, however it is still a treasure trove of wisdom to the young mother. Her practical advice on how to manage a home would be a great help, not just to someone with post partum depression, but to anyone with any number of children! God gave us these blessings, but it does take some investigation of His word, and some listening to the sound counsel of other mothers for us to know how to manage our blessings; to know how to manage our home!

She has done a really great series called Beyond Survival. I noticed that the links on the sidebar for the series are inactive, but if you scroll down and find the link for February and March of 2007, that should take you to the right pages. There are around 12 entries on Beyond Survival. You'll have to scroll down to the bottom of February to find entry number one.

Now I know that someone who is battling depression doesn't often have a heart for housework, or anything else. But when I read what Kim has written, it doesn't make me feel obligated, overwhelmed, or despairing. It gives me hope, it encourages me! It builds a vision on the inside of me of what our home life could really be.

Go take a look: finding her blog, and allowing God to work in me through what she said has truly changed my life.
P.S. Kim has a new blog going at this address.

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