Monday, May 5, 2008

Post Partum Tips...

The months after a woman has had a baby are by God's design a time to slow down, and to nurture. Just look at my kitty: the majority of the time she is now laying around nursing. This is not laziness, it is God's perfect plan! Too often in our North American mindset, we are running, running, running. This is part of what has contributed to the post partum depression of many mothers in the first place! They are accustomed to running from one activity to the next, and when baby comes, they are already depleted: emotionally, physically, mentally... Then the combination of a new baby's demands, plus all of Mom's previous commitments (such as work, family, friends, school, practices, games, and church) can leave Mommy exausted. If she doesn't know to turn to the Lord, or doesn't have some kind of a plan in place beforehand, then those first post partum months can be shocking. Discouraging. Far from the nurturing and restful ideal she had imagined.
What I'm thinking here, is that many more of you than myself have great tips as to what worked for you in your post partum months. And after all, that is the essence of Titus chapter two. That we teach eachother, and that the more experienced mothers can lend a helping hand to those who may not know how to cope with the demands of a new baby and family.
So what I propose, is that you leave a comment here with your best tip as to what has helped you to:

Bond with your baby and other children,
Keep the needs of your family met during the tired times,
Maintain a relationship with the Lord and His Word, even though you were busier than before!

I'll start things off with my best bible reading tip, and best napless napping tip!

1. When I wanted to read the bible, but was just too tired, I would make myself do it for just 15 minutes. Fifteen minutes isn't long, and I could stick it out for that duration, even if it was at naptime, bedtime, or before breakfast.

2. When I really needed a nap and couldn't get one, I would lay the baby under a play gym, and lay down beside her on the floor. Often this would keep the infant entertained for long enough for me to snooze for 15 minutes, and then I would be ok again for another couple hours.
Now if this is your first baby and she sleeps well, then you may not need to try this; but there were several years for me when my children were all young and there was usually a baby in the house. Those were some tired times, and a fifteen minute nap here and there would help me to get through those days. There is always another side, if you will just be patient.

I encourage you to stop in at Prairie Prologue, where Prairie Chick has recently done a series on home management. These are things I didn't know when my children were small, but would have helped to make life a little less stressful!
Also Tammy at Tammy's Recipes has a new baby girl, and posts occasionally about working in the kitchen with children, and chores with little guys. : )

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Prairie Chick said...

great advice here Liberty! (and thanks to linking to me btw!) I'm looking forward to a summer of rest bonding with my new little chicklet and the older ones too! Those first months can seem like an eternity at times, but they fly by so fast, and are gone forever. I have learned to cherish every moment.