Thursday, May 8, 2008

Walk in the Spirit, Free from Depression

I've been thinking so much the last two weeks about the difference between flesh, and spirit. If those terms don't make sense to you, I mean: the difference between our body, and our inner self: our real self. The very heart of who we are.
It started I guess when I decided to fast for a couple days. It was a very good fast, and I could see that God had done some healing in my body during that time, but I also noticed how loud that voice of my flesh could be. It made me feel very humble, and human, to experience the way human beings need food to live. I must say, my flesh did not like it. Not much at all.
But only hours after I'd finished my fast, I was thinking how great it had been! You see, my spirit liked it! It liked the way the fast forced me to depend on God and let Him be my strength, because I had no other source. I knew that I just couldn't do everything I had on my list without some supernatural intervention on His part. I'm not trying to brag on myself here, but to brag on God. He came through for me every time I asked, and I was so thrilled to complete a fast of any length, really. I guess I had thought that because of hypoglycemic reasons that I couldn't really fast. I can see now that it wasn't really so: if I'm not eating anything, then there is nothing to cause my blood sugar to spike or drop.
And the second thing that made me think about the difference between our flesh and our spirit, was that I listened to a set of cd's by Gloria Copeland, called "Walk in the Spirit". It was one of the best sets of teaching cd's I've ever heard. Actually, I've had it for awhile, and I've listened to it probably at least twice before, but it was really revolutionary to my thinking again.
Gloria talked about how the desires of our spirit are strongly against our flesh, and the desires of our flesh are strongly against our spirit, so that we can't do what we want. Yeah, I'll say. As I listened to her preaching over the course of a week, and as I finished my fast, I began to see that MOST of what I do, I've done in the flesh. A lot of what I say, and think, is motivated by my flesh. And the trouble with that is....
The desires of the sinful flesh lead to death. Jesus called us to walk a narrow road, one that neccessitates the suffering of the flesh. (Resisting its desires and whims so that we can follow the desires of our spirit, our reborn self.) Why else would He have said, Take up your cross, and follow Me? Or, If you love your life, you will lose it.
So I've been really taking a look at what's on the inside. (Ouch.)
As far as depression goes, there is no depression for the born again spirit. It's not that it's all in your flesh, as if it was all in your mind; but your spirit is the part of you that is one with God. It is the part of you that has total dominion over depression. In the flesh you may not have that, but in the spirit, YOU DO. The born again spirit is in the heavenlies. Part of a different kingdom. The reborn spirit is no longer under the dominion of the flesh, but rather the Holy Spirit, Who is our Strengthener, our Standby, our Advocate, our Encourager. You have your own personal cheering section Who will never leave you or forsake you. Don't give up, don't quit. He will not let you down. There is hope for your life: a life that is FREE FROM DEPRESSION.


Knurd said...

Thank you for taking the time to post this. I had received a "hunch" if not a nudge from the Holy Spirit that freedom from my depression lies in walking in the Spirit and depriving the flesh. The flesh wants to wallow in misery and harden like a boiled egg. The Spirit wants to exude love, goodness, peace, joy and share it much like a boiled coffee bean.

Liberty said...

Wow, I really like the coffee bean analogy! When I'm under pressure, I'm going to exude a Christlike savour! : )