Monday, July 7, 2008

Desperate for an Answer

So many times the women I talk to are open to healing. There are some who are not, but many are willing, they just don't know how to recieve it. Often they are desperate for healing, their hearts are crying out to God, and they can't understand why He won't answer.

I don't know that, but what I do know is that He isn't not answering. Did you get the double negative? If we aren't getting, it is not because God is not giving.

We know that the word of God is true, even when it is not what we are experiencing right now. Think back to the days before you recieved Jesus Christ as your Lord, and Savior. Was the Gospel still true, before you'd experienced it? Yes.

Well what if you've recieved the message of healing. Why hasn't it manifested in your body? After all, you believed the gospel, and you were saved. Why not believe the healing and be healed? Well...

Sometimes the trouble is in what we believe. We know that Christ was the salvation afforded to mankind, so then anyone who recieves Him can be saved at any time, no matter who they are, or what they have done. Anyone can be saved because the sacrifice has already been made. It is all finished, we just enter into it. But when we are believing for healing, often people believe that they have to convince God to give it- they don't know that it's already been given.

When Jesus sacrificed his blood in our place, and atoned for our sins, He also sacrificed His body, in the place of our suffering. He became the curse for us, so that we wouldn't have to have the consequences of sin in our bodies (sickness, death). We can be healed, because we've been forgiven.

Again, why are there depressed Christians who believe for His healing, and don't seem to recieve? Lord, we are willing, we are desperate for an answer.

If a person has something in their path that is blocking them from recieving the gift that God has so certainly already given, I may not know that specific reason, but it is not an excuse for not recieving. If we know His word is true, and that the sacrifice is already made, then we know that the healing is already ours. We recieve it by faith, even if things don't begin to look different right away. Plus, we expect that we do recieve it, since it is ours, and we think about it, talk about it, and act as if IT IS OURS. And we resist the devil who would like to see that we do not ever enjoy the fulness of what Christ has done for us.

Also, we remember the Giver. We remember that Jesus Christ is really the only answer, and that there will never be another. We don't give up or quit, but know that He HAS answered us- He sent us Jesus; He gave His Spirit into our hearts, and HE GAVE US HIS WRITTEN WORD WHICH IS LIFE TO THOSE THAT FIND IT AND HEALTH TO THEIR WHOLE BODY. We keep in close contact with God through His word, and through prayer, and He reveals to us the things that have been blocking us from recieving.

It helps to know that God loves you, and He is holding nothing against you. He wants you to be healed, even more than you do, and because of this, you can be cofident that you will. That you are. Healing always comes.

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Life In Christ said...

Thanks you for your comments today. God told me about 2 and 1/2 years ago to teach my people how to use the word of God for their healing. I was having some physical problems. I found that the problem with getting healing from God was that I needed truth about Him, Jesus and His Word. I'm healed because of the truth that set me free. Thanks