Thursday, July 10, 2008

Each Moment Filled with Wonder

Father, my eyes are alight with Your Beauty, my heart is amazed at all You have done.

A train of children stretched out before me, who marvel at God's creation and stoop to see: minnows, kittens, goldfish, puppies, wildflowers, garden herbs... just one more thing, just one more minute!

Walks, talks with big boys, and a heart full of joy at what God has restored.

The wind in my face as I drive out to the fields with farmer husband, so much beauty in the sky that I can barely take it in.

Awe in knowing what He has done, when I look out at our fields, our land. A sense of being very small, in comparison to Him, and yet very loved. So humbled, and He exalts me, makes me worthy. Worthy of His Son.

A smile that I thought I'd lost, a laugh that comes naturally, which I didn't know I had!

Grace, Strength in the midst of what I know I am truly incapable of. His hand guiding my circumstances and whispering in my spirit, gently showing me, reminding me: "I help, I have helped, I am HELPER." Dear, precious, Holy Spirit.

Mornings starting early, sun flooding my bedroom, and bible propped open on pillow- these words are Spirit, and they are Life.

Sun, Warm, Sand, and Water. Play for hours, simple pleasure of digging in sand. The sweet, painful feeling of loving, and praying for family.

A hard heart, learning to love, and not to be afraid. To offer myself, and trust Him.

P.S. If you haven't yet, stop by Ann Voskamp's Holy Experience. She writes with a spirit that imparts gratitude to the hearer. God makes every moment alive, and full of His Glory.

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