Friday, August 1, 2008

Healed of Demonic Depression. ("Crazy")

This morning in the shower I was thinking about "CRAZY" (a word that often tries to sneak around the thought life of someone who battles depression) and I wanted to share these thoughts with you.

I was thinking about what I'd been listening to in Kenneth Copeland's teaching "Healing, it is Always God's Will". He shares a story about how his son John recieved healing (through his faith) from a serious ailment, and how through that experience he came to understand that the devil is "crazy". Crazy meaning, he doesn't follow the rules if they're not inforced. Crazy meaning psychotic, and with murderous intent. Yes, we'd have to say the devil is crazy.

Then I was thinking about how God has a sound mind. Makes sense, doesn't it? If I am God's, and have nothing to do with the devil, then I have nothing to do with crazy. I don't speak it about myself, don't see myself that way, don't use the word in jest or in passing. I don't inherit it for any reason.

Yes, I stop thinking about myself that way, and replace self-deprecating thoughts with thoughts about God, and His greatness. I replace those thoughts with thoughts of praise to God for His power, and thanksgiving for all He has done for me in Christ. I replace those "crazy" thoughts with Word based thoughts: I have a spirit of a sound mind- all things are possible to them that believe.

All those disruptive thoughts that the enemy fires at my mind; all the complaining voices that my flesh offers up: these do not mean crazy.

I also thought of what I've been reading in "Peace Child", by Don Richardson. He was a missionary to canniballistic tribes in Irian Jaya (East New Guinea at the time, I think). The terrible oppression, demon possession, and bondage that those people experienced before the gospel: living in constant fear; always witnessing death, gore and blood; having minds that were driven by grief, and a lust for revenge. That was.... crazy. To be controlled by demonic forces-- that isn't "sound".

Which leads to this point: has the gospel which brings soundness of mind come to you? Have you decided Who holds your allegiance?

When we accept Christ, we aquire the mind of Christ. Why? Because He took our place. John 3:16. We were in sin, and in bondage to satan (every one of us, because our father Adam sinned, and we were sold as slaves to sin), and Jesus took our punishment on Himself, when He died on the cross. He took all of our unsoundness, and gave us all of His wholeness- His righteousness. His deliverance. When we recieve His Spirit, then He displaces all else. We then belong to the demons and the darkness no longer.

Will the demons go away if you accept Jesus sacrifice, if you acknowledge Him as Lord? And will they stop talking to you?

Yes. But occasionally, they will come back just to check if you still mean it. Remember, satan is crazy, and doesn't obey the rules unless they are inforced. (God's word is the Rule, and we inforce it by speaking it out, in faith, and in the Name of Jesus.) You resist demons and their twisted thinking with the Name of Jesus, with the Blood of Christ, and with the Word of God, and everything in it. If you are a new Christian, and don't know what's in the bible, that's ok- just start now! Read it every day, and speak it aloud. Pray aloud (in the name of Jesus) daily, there is authority in your words as a believer in Christ.

Then: God has not given you a spirit of fear, but of power; love; and a sound mind.

He hasn't given you a spirit that puts you in bondage again, but a spirit of sonship, of freedom! You belong to Him! Because He set you free for freedom, you must resist bondage, and be not yoked again with slavery or depravity. Leave behind EVERYTHING associated with a depressed, discouraged, or distracted mind. Throw it out for good. : )

As believers, we have the mind of Christ, and a mind controlled by the Spirit is life and peace.

In Proverbs He tells us: above all else, guard your heart. He said this because you would need to.

Does the need to guard your heart against crazy thoughts mean you are crazy? Not at all, it means you are staying sound! If someone throws garbage over your fence, you just throw it back out, and build a higher fence. When we stay in His word daily, we are building our high fence. The name of the Lord Jesus is a strong tower- you can run into it and be saved.


Daniel J. Casper said...

Pregnancy is one of the most important phases of a woman's life and unfortunately sometimes in this phase a woman gets caught in the web of depression. Though depression during pregnancy is not uncommon, it can be dangerous for both the mother and the unborn baby.

Liberty said...

That's a good point, Daniel. I would say that during pregnancy, a woman should truly guard her heart, and speak God's word over herself, and her baby. Don't speak words of "sick", but words of life! The bible tells us that God's commands are "life to those that find them, and health to all their flesh". Pregnancy is a very important time to be reading God's word, and looking in hope to the future! Thanks for that thought.