Friday, August 22, 2008

Today, I Give You Thanks in Advance

I want to give You thanks at the beginning. Even ahead of time.

I face a day in a fallen world. A world where the prince of the power of the air has access to my thought life, and nothing other to do than spend his time attempting to steal, kill, and destroy.

Well, I am going to thank You. I am going to build a fortress of love, and grace, and thanksgiving around my family, and that wicked one will not touch us.

I thank You sincerely for the Word of God. If I could think of the most monumental thing that has ever been given me, it would be this Lord. That I can have Your word for myself, know what it says, mutter it to myself in weak moments, speak it in faith during the strong ones. I live in the same world where Hitler lived, Stalin lived, to which satan has been cast down. And in this world, I have a sword of protection, a fortress to hide in, and wings to take shelter under.

I thank You that even in darkness, You are light. Even in my sins and failures, You never leave me or forsake me. You have given me more than I could have imagined, more than I could ever deserve.

You shape me, You work all things together for my good. You are HERE. INSIDE of me. You are Faithful, Healer, Life-giver, Redeemer, Restorer, Father, and Mother to me. You are my husband, my lover, my obsession, my passion. All that I have is Yours, and yet I could never give enough, and never come to an end of what I have to give.

And you gave everything. You came into this world. This dark place wrought with decay and death where mothers kill their own babies, cannibalistic tribes commit murder against each other without conscience, where death and rot takes place everyday, and where sin, sickness, death and satan and fear have lodged themselves.

And YOU came HERE, and gave YOURSELF in my place! How could I not today give MYSELF in the place of another- forgiving that one, serving this other one, when they don't deserve it either.

but it isn't about whether or not we deserve it with you.

it's about whether or not you were willing to give.

"I am willing, be clean."

O Father, what can I say? Today, let me be Your instrument of grace. Speak, forgive, serve, heal through me. Do all that you would do for these your children in this dark place through me, because even the darkness is as light to you.

Oh how I love You, Lord Jesus.

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