Monday, September 1, 2008

Your Word, My Daily Food

I know I've posted this link (to a list of healing scriptures) before, but thought I'd do it again, because I've been using these scriptures and confessions a lot lately. What I did was print them off and I keep them in a binder: studying a page or so a day- saying them to myself, praying them. I love to underline things and write notes in the margins.

I find that since all my life I was in a rut of expecting to get sick and having health problems, that now although I am healed, and know it, I need to keep reminding myself that this is how I am going to stay. I need to build a stronghold of health on the inside of me, and keep renewing my mind. It's easy to think sick, talk sick, and feel sick, if you aren't using the armour God gave you, and staying in health on purpose. I choose to create a stronghold of health around myself and my family, on purpose. God is gracious to meet me when I come to Him. When I call on Him for help, He is with me, and delivers me.

Here's the link, I am so blessed and impressed with this resource.