Saturday, December 27, 2008

Easy Raw Recipe (and milk substitute)

Banana Hemp Milk (one serving)

Combine in blender: one frozen organic banana, one cup water, and two tablespoons raw hemp seeds. Blend till frothy, and use immediately. Works great over granola!
(This recipe works best with a vitamix, but any blender should be able to blend up the hemp seeds, seeing as they are soft.) I suspect that this recipe would not keep, since the banana would turn brown. : )

Hemp seeds are a great raw, vegan food; and ideal to use in "milk". They contain healthy fats, are high in protein, and contain iron! They are available at any health food store, and should be purchased fresh, then refrigerated. When fresh, they should have a very mild taste, and virtually no smell. They are a good food to introduce to children, seeing as a tiny amount can be added to other foods, and they don't have a strong flavor.

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