Tuesday, January 20, 2009

He is Always Worthy

We can thank Him even when we don't feel like it, because He is good. We can thank Him even when things look bad, because He is a God of the Unseen, the Eternal. It takes faith to please Him, and faith calls things that be not as though they were. He is still worthy of praise, no matter how dark our surroundings, because He is Light. Light dispels darkness.

Today Father, I don't want to hide from Your light, I want to enter into it, that Your Son Jesus may be manifested in me, in mortal flesh.

Jesus, Emanuel, Word Made Flesh.

Thankyou for my heated matress pad (a Christmas gift from Jed) which helped my back to loosen enough for me to sleep.

Thankyou that Sam (our Lab/Doberman cross) wasn't hurt when the neighbour hit him on the road.

Thankyou that my children care enough about me to pray for me, and that they believe You enough to know that You will answer.

Thankyou for my old Kenneth Copeland videos, and that faith comes by hearing; and hearing by the Word. Thankyou that faith never gets old.

Thankyou for each child doing their school in their own special spot this morning, thankyou for good books, and a commitment made in fall that we will do this. We will school our own children.

Thankyou that even though I don't feel You now, you are here, I can see what you are doing. So is it with anyone born of the Spirit- just like we don't see wind/ breath/ spirit, we still see what it is doing, and I see you here.

I see You in the program (Extreme Prophetic) we watched on the Miracle Channel last night.

I see You in that Jed (who used to be suspicious) watched the entire program with genuine interest and faith.

I see You in him. My husband- a man whom You are truly changing, maturing, making more like You.

I see You in this blog: a place to thank You on purpose, to write down threads of hope, to catch glimpses of what You are weaving.

Thankyou for the story of Vada Hagee (mother of John Hagee- read in Momma Made the Difference, by T. D. Jakes). Thankyou that I can believe in the same God that she did, and see You do the same things that she saw.

Thankyou for friends, Lord. Images of Who You Are.

Thankyou for a story that is bigger than me. All of this, it is really not about me.

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