Monday, February 16, 2009

Don Colbert on Diet and Depression

I've been enjoying watching Kenneth Copeland, and Don and Mary Colbert over the internet this week. I don't always make it to the TV on time each morning to watch the show (Believer's Voice of Victory), but you can watch it on their website, by clicking MEDIA, then scroll down to where it says which dates can be watched, and who was on the program that week. You can always look through the archives to find other programs too.

Recently, there were two weeks of Don and Mary Colbert: The week of Monday February 2- God's Design for Your Wellness, and the week of Monday February 9- Choosing God's Way and Living Whole.

I always enjoy listening to what Dr. Colbert has to say- it feeds my hope that I can live in total health on earth, all the days of my life, as I believe, and act on God's word. The episode I watched this week was "Monday, February 2nd, 2009", and Dr. Colbert mentioned how diet can help in healing depression, and how a poor diet can be linked to the emotional spiral that a depressed person can get sucked into. Good Stuff.

Maybe someone more high tech than myself can leave a comment to show me how I could put it up on the blog here. Anyone?

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