Monday, March 23, 2009

A Tough Day

I was showering this morning, listening to myself, and the Holy Spirit, and whining a little bit. I heard Him speak to my heart:
"Just because you are having a tough day today, are you going to believe that every day is going to be a tough day?"
So I thought about that, and focused in on the word "tough". It reminded me of how you sometimes get a steak that is just to hard to chew- there's not much joy in eating it, and it's harder to digest.
I asked myself: what do you do when you have one of those days- one that is just too tough to chew?
Then I thought about our lunch yesterday with friends. They had served a delicious dinner, but when the father served up his smallest girls, he took their plate aside, and cut the meat into tiny, bite-sized pieces. Then he returned their plates, and they thoroughly enjoyed the meal, along with everyone else.
"That," I told myself while showering, "is the way to deal with a tough day." Hand it back to your Heavenly Father, and let Him cut it up into bite sized segments.
There may be more on my plate than I know how to deal with, but He can carve it into something which I can not only process, but enjoy!
Today we each have a choice. We may not be able to choose every one of our circumstances (we are not in control the same way that He is) but we can choose how we will react to our circumstances. We can choose what we will say, how we will treat the people around us, and what we will believe.
We can yield to our emotions, and have a screaming fit, we can yield to depression, and storm off to our bedrooms, we can manipulate, reject, and think selfish, fuming thoughts. But we could also forgive, and then move on.
I have heard the word Grace defined as "empowerment to prosper", but the way I was thinking on it today, I defined it:
"You have been forgiven- now you have the power to forgive."
Yes, Lord. Let it be so for us today.

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