Saturday, August 15, 2009

One More Day

Sleeping in without feeling guilty, anxious, or stressed.

Waking up beside Jed.

A hot shower, running water, clean feeling, smooth hair.

Breakfast for littles, mediums, and bigs.

Laundry to fold, clean and fresh.

Worship music, dance, song.

Reading Proverbs with Jed, finishing Esther in the KJV.

Zucchini pancakes!

Driving, reading, all sitting close and attentive.

Small gifts.

Kittens. Many kittens!

Soft, fur, purr, little tails, big ears.

Drive home.

To have a home.

Oatmeal for supper, and children who think that's cool!

Carrots, orange, vitamins- small things worthy of appreciation.

A friend for Jed to spend the evening with.

A new game to play with the children.

Evening, close and snug- the reassuring sameness of the dusk.

A new day swelling before us- Sabbath.


His Rest.

So be it Father, one more day lived before you, one more day of Your great grace. Intimate and close, Your reality of grace played out in laundry done, dishes washed, children bathed, and minds read to.

One more day that will never come again- never will we be just here, or see these sights, and Oh, the gentleness of a God who never changes, but is willing to help us to adjust to change gradually.



Emptiness that shows that He is neccessary, that we must depend on Him.


Knees, chair, silence. Breath. His Breath.

He's hearing me.

He's speaking to me.

It is enough to know that He is so real, and He is so willing.

Amen. So be it Lord.


His Face so near, even though we don't see.

Praise, fleeting thoughts, good memories, glimpses of future.

Gratefulness that overflows, and washes away what seemed to matter so much before.

Now there is no One else. Only You.

The great Enough.

Thank You.

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Anonymous said...

I've come across your blog and I started reading the very beginning posts of your story of being healed of's encouraged me in giving me hope that my depression can be healed too...I am praying that I will be too...thank you..