Sunday, October 18, 2009

A re-post from "journey on to healing"

I wanted to jot down a couple of other things I'd been thinking about in relation to healing and the Word of God.
I was thinking about juicers.
I have a centrifugal juicer which sort of grates the carrots, and flings the pieces around so that they are thrown against a screen. The pressure of this "flinging" makes the juice pass through the screen and drain into the cup, while the pulp works its way to the top of the screen and then is ejected out the back of the juicer.
I also have a "masticating" juicer (masticating means chewing). It sends the carrots down an auger which grinds and presses them, squeezing the juice out of the pulp.
A centrifugal juicer is faster- it is louder (and thus more impressive). It just whips those carrots around, and soon you have a tall frothy glass of carrot juice! But, in all that whipping, the carrot juice can be oxidized more- the antioxidants would be degraded, and there often isn't as much juice produced as in a masticating juicer.
A masticating juicer works slower, quieter. It takes more effort on my part to force them down the feeding tube, and more effort in my cutting them up first (no big opening on the top, like the centrifugal juicer). The carrots are exposed to less air, and there is generally more juice extracted. It may seem to take more work, but the product is more nutritious, and will keep longer in the fridge.
And this got me thinking!
Is that how I sometimes approach the bible? Like it is something to be done every morning just out of neccessity? Do I just go downstairs and shove some bible verses in there, whip them around in order to get a quick drink, and then carry on to "more important things"? Have I been trying to go through the "bible drive through"?
Will I choose instead to "masticate" the word of God- to chew on it- to turn it over and over, and to crush it- to put pressure on it- to make sure that I squeeze everything out of it that I can?
Will I be willing to slow down, and encorporate a high quality product, savoring it, swishing it around in my mouth? Yes, carrot juice will cost me more than a stop at the McDonald's drive through for a coffee. It will cost me more in time, and in price. But it will give me something to live on. Something to build my life out of.
When I want to cook a roast, I like it to be flavorful, and tender. I often put it in the cast iron pot with some onions and garlic, and then cook it very slowly: all day long. BUT, if I want it to be done faster, I need to put pressure on it- I would need to put it in the pressure cooker. Just so, if I want to really benefit from God's word, I need to both slow down, and put pressure on it. We put pressure on it by doing what it says- by believing it enough to act on what it says.
For me, on Monday, that meant eating turkey. I eat 90% raw vegan (for health reasons, not ethical reasons) and I have eaten meat perhaps only two times in the last year. Monday was our church banquet. I ate a bit of quinoa before I went in case there was nothing I could eat there, but as I sat at the banquet not wanting to explain to everyone why I was eating NOTHING, I felt the Holy Spirit challenging me to trust Him, to trust what He said. If I really am healed in Christ, then I can eat turkey.
So, I tentatively ate my salad WITH the dressing (I don't eat any fat), and then slowly chewed on my carrots and green beans. I skipped the bun, but then I was down to the turkey and mashed potatoes! I ate a corner of turkey with gravy. I thought about it. Then I ate another corner. I thought about it. I reviewed in my mind my commitment to trust God, and my unwillingness to fear because He is with me. I chose not to fear- no matter what. I ate about half of the turkey (I offered Jed my potatoes).
For me this was an act of faith. I chose to step out, and I chose not to fear. It wasn't easy, but it was right.
I went home that evening, and felt fine, I continued to feel fine the entire evening. But I want to remember here, that it was as I ate my meal IN FAITH, that it was incorporated into my body and used as a blessing. It's the same in doing my bible reading- when I read it IN FAITH, mixing belief with what I've heard (the kind of belief that acts- that steps out and does it), then it will be real in my life- it will happen. It will be alive to me.

Healing Habits

I know that since my healing there are several habits I've kept up- probably most of them without thinking of it. But I thought it would be good to jot something down about how to maintain a life free of depression.
1. I read my bible every day. It is what led to my having a sound mind- I've found that I simply cannot live without it. It's like the bible's story of the "mad man of Gederra". I am clothed and in my right mind, and I want to keep it that way. God's word is what makes a sound mind.
2. Prayer. I know I can ask God for help now. When things seem overwhelming, and I feel like I am sinking, I ask Him to help me, and He always does. But I do believe that I need to stay in relationship with Jesus in order to see His work in my life. You can have this too, at any time! We stay in relationship with Him through daily bible reading, and prayer. He always hears us!
3. I talk (periodically) about how I feel to Jed. There have been times when I started to feel attacked by thoughts of death, or other things that aren't my true demeanor now. But now when I tell Jed about it, it seems to disperse those thoughts, and cause them to lose their power. (He will pray for me too, at those times.) Part of the power of those lies is when you keep it inside and mull over it again and again. I don't do that now- I expose them. Find a strong (bible believing) Christian you can confide in, or a good church (that believes in healing) where you can ask for prayer.
4. I speak scriptures. What has better power over a lie than the truth?
5. I make an effort to focus on those around me- not just what is good for myself. A life focused only on self often ends up to be discouraging. A life focused on loving another has less time for self defeating introspection!
6. I refuse to think despairing thoughts. If I really don't know what else to think, I'll prop up my bible in front of my eyes and read it aloud to myself, until I can think of something good to fix my mind on!
7. I fill my mind with right teaching. I listen to preaching cds (and messages online) that have a positive message: a FAITH message. No one battling depression would be helped by any preaching that says "God made you sick for a reason." or, "God is Sovereign, so this must just be part of His plan for you." Now, God is Sovereign alright, but He is also LOVE, and Love always protects. It is not God's plan for any of His children to be depressed! (Would you plan that for your own children?) I feed myself on messages of hope, not on reasons to stay in bondage.
8. I eat better than I did before. This is not the only key, but it helps. Bare minimum: No More Sugar!
9. I get more exercise than before. Not the only solution, but it does help. On the days I go for a walk, I notice more energy, etc. I feel refreshed mentally too. In winter I will walk on the treadmill.
10. I know that how I feel isn't neccessarily "truth", and that it will pass. I know that I have a choice of what I will yield to. If it's late at night, and my blood sugar feels low, and I know where I am in my cycle, and I find I feel hopeless... Now I know that I can sink into a pool of self pity, or I can just get up and go to bed (often with an mp3 player of scriptures going in my ears), and that I will be better able to battle those emotions in the morning. Now I am free, I am not dominated.
Remember, it is for freedom that Christ has set us free. He came to seek and to save that which was lost. He came for you- so that you could live a life free of depression. He is with you today- talk to Him. Call on His name, and He will answer. He is so faithful.