Thursday, April 22, 2010

Go just one extra mile.

I jogged three miles today, instead of two.
To many of you, that may not seem significant, or as having to do with depression, but it was significant for me.
I am four months pregnant, and I just started jogging two months before I conceived. It was winter, and there were days I cried because it was so hard, or so cold, or so windy. But I didn't quit, and I didn't give up.
But today I woke up feeling tired and depressed before I even got out of bed, and thoughts went through my head like:
I just can't do this.
I just want to give up.
Now tell me friends, where did those thoughts come from?
Yes, from satan. The enemy of our souls.
So I set out on my jog, and I cried the first half mile. I ran into Jed on his way home, and he prayed for me. After which, I decided I would go three miles instead of two. It was significant for me: it was my faith declaration: I am not depressed, and because the Lord helps me, I will not give up.
You could do the same thing today; you could say the same thing: Say- I can do this, because the Lord is with me!
Nobody said it wouldn't be hard at times, but today you could make one act of faith, like I did. Maybe that act of faith would be to smile at your children, or to make your husbands lunch, or maybe it would just be to get out of bed and shower!! But you have the power to sow that seed, and do even just one thing that would say:
I can do this. In fact, I'll go three miles today instead of two.
Let me know how it goes!


Sharon L. said...

love your entry. It's an encouragement again to read your words. I love how you confirmed your true identity through the words of your mouth and your actions 'I am not depressed.' It reminds me again that the enemy want's us to take up his lies as our identity, but really who we are is what God has declared over us....and God doesn't change His mind!! I am encouraged again....His light of truth in your life shines yet again in mine.

Liberty said...

Thankyou Sharon, I feel just the same way: that the truth in your life encourages me! Even just what you said about how satan wants us to take on his lies as our identity is very eye opening. I do want to see myself the way God sees me- to keep saying to myself what God says.
It's the one needful thing.