Thursday, April 8, 2010

You have a brand new mind!!

I keep thinking about the Word, and about how it is the One Needful Thing. If I fail all else, but endeavor to put His word FIRST, then haven't I succeeded at the "better part" which will not be taken away from me? And if I seek FIRST His kingdom and its righteousness, then won't all else be added unto me? Won't everything else end up in its proper place of priority? For when I place His word first, I place His grace first. His covenant. First.

But do I just put it first in hour? First thing after I leave the bed, yes, but is it FIRST outside of those first minutes that I have given it? Have given Him?

For the Word of God is the One Source of a sound mind.

From 1 Corinthians 2- the J.B. Phillips translation:

...nothing is hidden from the Spirit, not even the deep wisdom of God. For who could really understand a man's inmost thoughts except the spirit of the man himself? How much less could anyone understand the thoughts of God except the very Spirit of God? We have now received not the spirit of the world but the Spirit of God Himself, so that we can understand something of God's generosity towards us.

It is these things that we talk about, not using the expressions of the human intellect but those which the Holy Spirit teaches us, explaining spiritual things to those who are spiritual. But the unspiritual man simply cannot accept the matters which the Spirit deals with- they just don't make sense to him, for, after all, you must be spiritual to see spiritual things. The spiritual man, on the other hand, has an insight into the meaning of everything, though his insight may baffle the man of the world. This is because the former is sharing in God's wisdom, and 'Who hath known the mind of the Lord, that he should instruct Him?' Nevertheless, we who are spiritual have the very thoughts of Christ!

So what does all this mean? It means that if you believe in Jesus as your Saviour and Lord, and you have recieved His Holy Spirit, then... Jesus lives inside you. His Spirit is in your spirit, and because of that, His thoughts can be in your thoughts. It's saying that God's Spirit knows His mind, and that Spirit is in you for you to know His mind too. If you have been born again, then you are no longer dependant on your own natural mind. This scripture says that NOW YOU HAVE THE MIND OF CHRIST! So... stay in the word of God. Those are the things He said, so that is what He thinks. Let your mind become so familiar with His mind, that it changes what goes on in yours. Let the Word of God transform your thoughts.

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