Monday, May 10, 2010

Learning to Love Your Life (a lesson from my dog.)

We ran out of "marrow bones" last week. In the life of a lab, this is serious business! How can a lab truly experience love and fulfillment if there is no tasty morsel to greet him upon each opening of the front door? Now it seems that Sam somehow knew that there were no more marrow bones to be had, but last night Jed had given him a small piece of leftover birthday cake before bed, and this morning when he opened the door, there was Sam: whole body wiggling, tail flapping wildly, and smile all adrool. He was expecting birthday cake!
This made me see that I can approach each day the same way! I may feel like life isn't throwing me any marrow bones, but I am the one who makes the choice about what to expect. I can wake up with a sense of dread and foreboding, or I can DECIDE that I am expecting birthday cake today. I can MAKE THE CHOICE to LOOK FORWARD to something good that will happen to me today! Over the course of 24 hours, a small piece of cake can seem very small in the life of a dog- but he was not discouraged that it was all he would get- if anything, Sam was MORE excited, and enjoyed it more thoroughly!!
I have the opportunity to do so too.

I got ready for my morning jog today with a usual sort of dissapointment. That may not make sense to runners, but since I've been pregnant, I was finding it harder than usual, and had gotten myself in a habit of dread.
So I learned another lesson from Sam today. My run is always the same- it doesn't change for him, and yet, Sam gets SO EXCITED about the prospect of accompanying me on the same route, every day! I think he actually enjoys the thrill of thinking about going, more than the run itself!! If he is outside the front door, waiting for me, and he even hears the rustle of my jacket, he will actually start making little crying noises because he is so excited!
When is the last time I approached Monday morning that way! When is the last time I let myself be THRILLED that I had an entire day of opportunity before me? I have the power through Jesus Christ to choose my own attitudes! Why not expect a blessing? Why not expect each ordinary day to contain some of the extraordinary? Just so, Sam had the opportunity this morning on our "ordinary" walk, to chase off a coyote for me. For him, this was a great delight! And it wouldn't have happened if he'd stayed on the front rug feeling discouraged.
Today is a new day, no matter where you are in this day. Today, no matter what is happening, you have the power to expect something NEW.
This may be look tough, if you've been in a "habit" of dread, as I mentioned before. But the scriptures (the Holy Bible) are filled with positive statements of hope! Read some scriptural promises, and pick one that you want to think about today. Even one such good message of hope can change the entire direction you are heading right now. It is a seed for a new life!
If you don't know how to find these promises, or are very new to reading your bible- you can try getting a bible with a "concordance" at the back. Like a dictionary, you can look up a word, and it will list some scriptures for you that contain this word. A great online resource for this is where you can search different topics. Very helpful.

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